Activities: What to do and see in Asiago

Thanks to our collaboration with Feelgood, guests will be able to choose from numerous exclusive activities and experiences on the Asiago plateau.

Discover the best trekking routes, educational outings with children, and exclusive experiences to learn the secrets to the production of malga cheese.



Explore the area on trails designed for you by local guides. Discover the best trekking routes in Asiago.

Asiago Keple

What to see in Asiago

In Asiago, choose between learning about our culture or activities in the midst of nature. Visit the interrupted fort, or explore the surroundings, such as the archaeological park in Rotzo, or Selvart’s contemporary art sculptures in Mezzaselva di Roana.

Equipment rental

Rent equipment for your excursions: trekking poles, electric mountain bikes, baby carrier backpacks, snowshoes and trekking poles.

Ski equipment is also available for rent.


Lunches and snacks

Keple is not just a bed and breakfast, bread and pastry shop. We will also host you for lunch!

Try our brand new “Snack Corner” for a tasty snack or an appetising lunch break. You will find our stuffed sandwiches, stuffed focaccias and toasts as well as our pizzas. Come to Keple for lunch, an afternoon snack, or an aperitif after your adventure.

We also prepare packed lunches. You can get an idea of what they include on our breakfast page.

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